Jeff on the Issues


To jump-start our New York State economy we need two new programs.  First, we must implement a jobs plan similar to the one passed by the State Senate last year with bi-partisan support.  This plan uses tax breaks to incentivize business owners to employ new hires and streamlines business regulations.  Second, we need to change the tax structure to relieve the middle class from the heavy burden imposed by exorbitant property taxes. Our middle class families need more disposable income to make sure local businesses can succeed.



We need to cut costs in EDUCATION, while leaving our districts intact—by obtaining real mandate relief, and creating a plan for sharing staffing and administrative functions, our school taxes could be cut by thousands of dollars. Last session, Albany cut another $1.3 billion from educational funding. Brian Curran stayed silent. We need a STRONG VOICE to stand up for our children's right to a quality education.

Property Taxes

The cost of living on Long Island has raised exponentially. Middle class families are struggling to pay their property taxes, and residents are being forced to pick up second, third or even fourth jobs. Young people are leaving at an alarming rate. Retired seniors on a fixed income can no longer afford to be close to their families, and are being forced to relocate. Brian Curran has opted simply to slow the rate of growth, rather than reduce taxes. Long Island needs an independent voice in Albany, one which will fight for a better share of state funding.

Small Business

Small business drives our economy, and contribute to the culture and personality of Long Island. Owners can no longer afford insurance for their employees, and payroll taxes have had a debilitating effect on small business growth. We need to create a market in which small business can thrive, and contribute to our great society. Brian Curran acted against the interests of our small business community when he voted against the Health Benefit Exchange Act. It is time for small business to have a voice in Albany.